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As men age, their bodies produce less and less testosterone each year. Add to this fact a recent study that shows that the testosterone levels of men in general have been declining over the past 20 years with no relation to aging, health or lifestyle and the situation quickly becomes serious.* In that study by the way, it was shown that a man today has an average of 17% less testosterone than a man of the same age in 1987. TEST RENU was specifically formulated to help men boost their testosterone in order to elevate their energy, performance and sex drive.

Boost Your Testosterone Levels, Start Working Out Harder & Build More Lean Muscle Mass!

  • Higher sex drive
  • More muscle
  • Stronger bones
  • Less fat – including in stubborn areas like your belly
  • Sharper thinking
  • Better memory
  • Improved sexual performance
  • And more

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ATTENTION: Men Need Adequate Amounts of Testosterone to THRIVE!

If You Are Experiencing ANY of the Following:

  • Fatigue even when eating clean
  • Irritability even when eating clean
  • Depression even when eating clean
  • Difficulty concentrating even when eating clean
  • Weight gain even when eating clean
  • Low energy even when eating clean
  • Low libido
  • Impaired cognitive function even when eating clean
  • Impaired sexual function even when eating clean
  • Low bone and muscle mass even when eating clean

There is also evidence that men with low levels of testosterone are at risk for anemia, type 2 diabetes, depression and Alzheimer’s disease!

Boosting Your Testosterone May Improve Your Performance in the Bedroom
(in the Gym & Even in the Workplace!)

So do you think you might have low testosterone? If you do it won’t be visible on the outside of your body, in other words you won’t look any different than any other man. However, you may find yourself having difficulty getting and maintaining an erection.

You may lose interest in sex and may also find yourself feeling tired all the time. A lot of times people associate these symptoms with aging but the truth is they are often related to low testosterone and thus can be reversed.

That’s right..., you don’t have to go through life feeling like a shell of your former self. In fact, many men compare raising their testosterone levels to finding their own personal fountain of youth. That’s because their sex drive strengthens, their energy increases and they begin to feel stronger and healthier.

Why is Testosterone Important?

It Makes a Man a Man!

A man’s testosterone profile greatly influences who he is physically, emotionally and sexually. It determines the strength of his drives in business and in bed.

It Can Help You Live Longer!

Maintaining appropriate levels of testosterone is even associated with higher rates of mortality. The University of California at San Diego Medical Center followed almost 800 men, ages 50-91, for 20 years and found that insufficient levels of testosterone in men was associated with an increased risk of death over that 20-year-period.

It Boosts Men’s Health!

Men have reported improvements in the following areas after just a short time on a testosterone supplementation program: sharper thinking and better memory; stronger bones and more lean muscle mass; less of a “belly”; higher libido; improved sexual performance; increased muscle mass; and much more.

Higher Testosterone Levels Can Also:

  • Make it easier to get rock-hard erections just like you did back in high school
  • Increase your sexual drive
  • Heighten the pleasure you feel during sex
  • Help you enjoy better, stronger orgasms
  • Improve your performance – enabling you to go “again and again” to the delight and ultimate complete satisfaction of the woman you are with!

If You Feel Run-Down … If You Have a Low Libido … If You Are Having Trouble Remembering Things or Thinking Clearly: If You Feel Like You Are Not the Man You Used to be … It Could Well be Due to Low Testosterone!

Get Ready to Raise Your Testosterone With TEST RENU’s Powerful Ingredients!

Defend Against Estrogen Dominance!

(Many factors ... such as pollution in the air we breathe, plastic and contaminants in the water we drink and genetically modified food and pesticides in the food we eat … promote estrogen over testosterone. Estrogen Dominance basically makes you less of man than you used to be. Our EstroControl Blend controls estrogen and allows testosterone to flourish in you.)

Raise Free Testosterone Levels!

(Our TestSupport Blend contains Fenugreek Extract, Tongkat Ali and much more to raise your testosterone levels quickly and safely. Raising your free testosterone levels can help you “turn back the clock” and feel younger and healthier and more energetic. )

Boost Your Health!

(Our LivSupport Blend, which contains milk thistle and more, is formulated to enhance liver health and help support the body’s natural production of testosterone.)



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Here at LIFE RENU, we are so sure that TEST RENU will boost your testosterone and help you perform better in and out of the bedroom that we GUARANTEE your results!

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